Image from DK Photography website.

While researching photography tips for smartphone users, I came across this unique photo contest and wanted to share it with you.  Here is your chance to have fun and be creative.  Click on this link to enter your photo based on the criteria given… PHOTO CONTEST


Despite the fact that there is a trunk in this image, it is not attached to an elephant.  Just wanted to share another image from our Bella session that didn’t get posted before.  She is quite the doll, wouldn’t you say?

Bella dancing with her doll


This weekend we are headed to Houston (Conroe, Tx) to shoot a wedding.  I was thinking about how stressful wedding days can be and wanted to share this article on how to make your wedding day more fun and relaxed.  5 Tips For A Great Wedding Day  It is important to remember that once the day is planned, you need to just enjoy how it unfolds.  Weddings, as well as most life events, never unfold exactly how we imagined they would.  However, it is the most unique day in your life because it involves you and the one you love making a forever commitment that you will do life together through the good and the bad.  So read this article (5 Tips For A Great Wedding Day) and prepare to enjoy your day.  Above are just a few images to make you smile.  Enjoy your moments!


It’s Election Day and time to get out and vote.  We live in a country that gives us the freedom to determine our leaders through the democratic voting system and regardless of the results, what you do as an individual does matter.  If you live in Tarrant County, you might be wondering where to vote.  I was looking at my registration card and couldn’t find the exact place, however, I found a website that gives you the exact location you need to go.  During the last major election, I almost didn’t get to vote because I went to the wrong place and only had five minutes to get to the right place.  So, if you are wondering where to vote and you live in Tarrant County, here is the website to get your information… and click on Voter Lookup.  A map will show your voting location.


Photography is about stopping a moment in time because we want to remember something of value to us.  We take pictures with our phones, tablets and digital cameras; download them on to hard drives, disks or USB devices and then share them with family and friends in an email or on social media.  What happens when one of our devices no longer works?  Will we feel the loss of those images; those memories we were trying to hang on to?  Not too long ago I went swimming with my phone (accidently) and lost everything I had captured.  Some of the images were downloaded to my computer, but many weren’t and I will never be able to get those memories back.  If only I would have…we say to ourselves, but because we don’t print the images we value, we only have our memory of that moment that can never be shared with others visually and MOST people like a visual.  I like this statement written by Canadian Photographer Bryan Caporicci…

“Physical prints give you heirlooms to pass down as you move on in your life. Often you are not recording (capturing a moment) and printing (preserving the moment) for today, but instead for tomorrow, for your children and your children’s children. Passing down a box of hard drives doesn’t exactly have the same appeal, does it?”

And speaking of hard drives, what happens when the technology changes?  Even if the hard drive is still in good shape, will we be able to access the images.  If you own any 8-Tracks you know what I mean when I talk about changing technology and if you don’t know what an 8-Track is then I think I’ve made my point.  (For those who don’t know what an 8-Track is, I’ve posted a couple of images below which I can only show you because someone printed an image of them in the past.)  We don’t know how technology will change in the future and if old technology will even work with new technology.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is to take down boxes of old prints from the closet and look through them with our kids.  Most of the moments in those physical pictures may have been forgotten, but seeing them brings back the memories and also the stories to share about those moments.  I feel like we are really missing out with all our digital technology and our demand for the CD of images.  So here is the deal…print your images.  Let your story be remembered, passed down and cherished by those in future generations to come.  It is worth the investment.

Here is an old 8-Track.

Here is an old 8-Track player that allowed you to make your music mobile.